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Welcome seekers of health and well-being. The Reiki With You Institute was founded  with the purpose of spreading the healing energy of Reiki, through teaching, healing circles, seminars, sharing and networking. Located just 20 miles west of Charlotte, NC, the Institute continues to grow by embracing all of our students, our clients and our Reiki store. And we have grown with it.

We are stronger in our energy and able to "see" more clearly to help those in need. If you are not familiar with the Reiki healing system, it is an ancient healing technique that uses positive energy from the Divine Source to heal individuals, animals, plants or anything that has life force energy. The healing takes place when the Reiki practitioner places his/her hands on the client and passes the energy to them through their hands. Advanced healers may also use their eyes, their breath and they may even use distance healing.  It is thought that in the beginning, all us were able to heal ourselves. If you hit your leg on a table, the first thing you do is reach for the sore spot with your hands to rub the pain away. That is instinctive.  But somewhere along the line, we were told that it was not good to heal ourselves and eventually we lost the ability to do so. 

We are still born with the ability to heal, but the connection to Divine Source has to be opened. That's where the Reiki Master/Teachers enter the picture. Through an attunement, these connections are opened and the Universal Life Force Energy begins to flow.The Reiki With You Institute is dedicated to opening these channels to empower you to heal yourself and others. If you have found this site, you are already on your spiritual journey. Welcome! We embrace you with light and love and hope we can be of assistance.

To learn more about this unique healing system, simply browse through this Web site. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us, 
or 704.868.2963.
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